Life science & Healthcare

The Reinhold Cohn Life Science group has been engaged in creating value for leading inventors, start-ups, academic institutions, medical organizations, and multinational corporations in the life science industry since its earliest days. This ever-evolving industry is particularly challenging in view of complexity of biological technologies, extended timelines, regulatory standards, patent eligibility requirements by patent offices is different countries, and its demand for global protection.

The role of proper patent protection is instrumental in the Life Science industry where partnerships, licensing deals, mergers and acquisitions, that are highly reliant on IP rights, are more prevalent than ever. By creating, securing and maintaining a strong patent portfolio we assists in creating the competitive edge that sets the basis for growth and prosperity of our clients’ business. Our team is experienced in a broad range of technologies in the life science and healthcare sector such as pharmaceuticals, cannabis tech, health foods, neutraceuticals and food supplements, infant foods and care, medical devices, agriculture, biotechnology, diagnostics and more. We also represent clients in the fast growing and highly promising health care fields such as digital health, computational biology, personalized medicine and advanced genomics.

The Reinhold Cohn Group’s professionals combine their technical expertise with deep legal understanding and extensive experience, to successfully meet these challenges, while constantly bearing clients’ best strategic and business interests in mind.

For over 80 years we have proudly protected our clients’ inventions and helped them derive maximal value from their innovative technologies by patent drafting and prosecuting, designs and trademark protection as well as patent enforcement.  Reinhold Cohn also frequently advise decision makers, from resolving highly technical and legal matters to large-scale investment decisions in the field of life science and healthcare.

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